“As crude a weapon as the cave man’s club, the chemical barrage has been hurled against the fabric of life” ~ Rachel Carson

Oh, that life were but filled with happiness and joy. Oregon’s Constitution states the ‘natural rights inherent in people’ ~ ‘instituted for their peace, safety and happiness’. Yet, we have discovered challenges to those tenets, practices not well known, repeatedly used within our neighborhoods and communities that are anything but related to our peace, or our safety, and certainly not our happiness.

Imagine 800,000 acres of our forests sprayed with toxic herbicide poisons. That was the case in Oregon back in 2005 alone. According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Use Reporting System, nearly 20 million pounds of pesticides were used in our state in 2008. The first and last year for reporting this information.  Billions of pounds of toxic chemicals are used annually throughout this country. The numbers are indeed staggering. Here in Oregon many of these toxic poisons are routinely sprayed within our forests, on our highways, our food, within our neighborhoods, communities, and throughout our state, repeatedly, each and every year.

Unfortunately, many citizens are not aware of these applications. Certainly not to the extent these chemicals are used, nor the potential risks they pose to the Health of our air, water, food, land, bodies or future. Any more than citizens are made aware of the specifics of the chemicals themselves. For instance, one of Oregon’s commonly used chemicals is Atrazine. Atrazine was found to be so harmful it was banned from use in the European Union in 2003. (specifically, it continues to be denied regulatory approval for use) Yet, this same toxin continues to be heavily used throughout Oregon, on our food, in our forests and within our neighborhoods. Nor is it common knowledge that the chemical 2,4-D, a constituent of Agent Orange, continues to be used also in neighborhoods and even around our children’s schools. These two chemicals are not only routinely sprayed throughout our state, one or both have invaded the bodies of 48 Oregonians, including children. (see Triangle Lake/Hwy 36 Chemical Exposure Investigation). It was not until January of 2011 that we ourselves became aware of the information now available on these pages.

A stark reality is that along with the concerns of the chemicals themselves, the lack of information regarding their make-up and the fact roughly 99.9 % of them are never tested, it is extremely difficult to find out the needed information relevant to pesticide use itself, especially in Oregon. For instance, Oregon began compiling a pesticide use program called PURS (Pesticide Use Reporting System) mentioned above back in 2007. One year later, the program was cancelled.  “Due to state budget constraints, PURS is not available.  Pesticide users cannot file reports of pesticide use into PURS.  Reports previously filed into PURS are not available to the pesticide users who filed those reports. The 2009 Oregon Legislature amended the PURS statutes.  Among those amendments was that no pesticide user is required to report pesticide use information into PURS when PURS is not available.  In addition, Oregon Administration Rules (OAR) states that no enforcement action shall be taken for failure to report pesticide use “… for any calendar year in which the Department does not provide a fully effective means for pesticide users to report pesticide use.” http://www.oregon.gov/ODA/PEST/purs_index.shtml

There is indication that these records are available elsewhere, yet our experience, in particular relative to the investigation in Triangle Lake, is that this does not hold true. (The latest chemical ‘investigation’ speaks directly of this issue). It has been both difficult, and in some cases impossible, to get access to any records.  It is also important to note the chemical ‘applicators’ are only required to keep these reports for three years.  Priceless!

Oregonians also live in a state that provides no advanced warnings when it comes to toxic chemical use.  There is currently nothing in place that even requires Oregon, nor it’s many agencies designed to “protect” the health of our air, water, land, food and citizens, to offer advanced warning of scheduled toxic chemical applications.  Certainly nothing of any significance. The only current source of information pertains to forestry practices used by the timber industry through ODF (Oregon Dept. of Forestry) Notifications. (See Notifications/Subscriptions) However, this ‘Notification” is without specifics of any kind other than location. Not which chemicals will be used  or more importantly when they will be sprayed. Even after the fact, this information is not in the public domain, a real concern for those with health issues.  We also have to pay to subscribe to this lack of information. Thus, aside from a “Warning” sign hopefully in our schools or parks when sprayed, we are left in the dark with no protections in place, whether choosing or needing to avoid toxic chemicals due to health issues.  Let alone, anyone simply not wanting to potentially be exposed. There are zero protections for the citizens of this state.

To quote Rachel Carson “It is ironic to think that man might determine his own future by something so seemingly trivial as the choice of an insect spray”.  Now 50 years after she brought us Silent Spring and the dangers of these poisons, and almost 30 years after Carol Van Strum revealed the herbicide nightmares of those living in Oregon’s rural countryside back in the 70′s and 80′s, one could say it is beyond ironic we are still living in such a toxic environment. Or one could say it is rather insidious, perhaps just insane, or BOTH.

From our forests to agriculture, within our schools, parks, and backyards, to the roads we travel toxic poisons continue to inundate our lives. Their use not only prevalent, but growing. This could not be more obvious than in Oregon, if only taking into consideration the road and highway sprays each year for weed control, the spraying of our agriculture, or the spraying of these toxins by the timber industry after they clear-cut, to ‘protect’ their conifer tree farms. Oregonians are being exposed to toxic poisons each and every year, repeatedly. The killing of weeds and bugs seeming to warrant far more concern than the lives of the very people who populate these same landscapes.

There are serious questions and concerns:

Are we now living within the realm of the warnings and nightmare revealed to us by Carson and Van Strum so long ago, here in the Illinois Valley, Triangle Lake, Gold Beach and throughout Oregon? Is it possible or we dare say probable there are serious cumulative effects to these poisons? Is it possible, again probable, there are health risks associated with the unknown factors of these poisons, such as the excipients used to make the chemicals ‘stick’, or their inert ingredients, ALL kept secret from us?  What of the additives themselves? Is it possible and probable there are risks due to the magnified (synergistic) effects of these chemicals in combinations, as is the case of their use, with one chemical followed by another yet another? Or far worse, the fact these chemicals are now being combined into cocktails the likes of which have NEVER been tested.  Last, but certainly not least, should not our community and certainly our state take seriously the concerns raised at this juncture, with simply the known risks, readily available science and known associations of these toxic poisons to health issues, especially in light of so many citizens now contaminated?  What is perplexing is that Oregon touts Health, yet continues to support, promote and protect these toxic activities.  While not protecting citizens or their communities, rather the corporations and state entities spraying highly toxic poisons where we live. We contend this IS a health issue, for us as well as for our communities and state.  We also contend this is a rights issue, one of Human Rights. The right to simple seek the right to health, which is not possible under this current pesticide practice paradigm.

Our concerns relate to all of the above, but are significantly based on the fact these chemicals are now invading the bodies of fellow citizens, as well as fish bearing streams. We have researched the risks and the multitude of health factors relative to these toxins.  The HEALTH of the air we breathe, along with our water resources, fish habitats, animal habitats, our bats, bees, forests, food, our elderly, and our CHILDREN are ALL threatened with chemical trespass in one way or another. We have determined from the readily available science, case studies and long history of these poisons, as well as serious issues relative to the state’s investigation (*s) itself, or lack of, that ALL of our questions are more than valid. The continued use of such toxic poisons is beyond alarming. Hence, Precious Dirt.

For those who continue to say we need more science, more studies, more evidence as to the dangers these toxic chemicals pose, that science IS out there and has been for years.  There are more and more studies proving the dangers of these toxins to our future surfacing on a regular basis. In particular the science now speaking of the dangers of small doses and chronic exposures.  (see the many articles under Pesticides) It is easy to overlook two beyond simple facts; often overlooked in our opinion: Air has NO boundaries, and water flows downhill. The extent to which these poisons are dispersed, often revolatilizing into the atmosphere, factoring in the weather shifts, and/or run off from muddied slopes flowing downhill with the rains, clogging  creeks and streams on it’s way to the rivers and ultimately the sea.  ALL scenarios offering a serious challenge for not just the Health of our Air and Water, but for the  entire chain of Life itself, ours included.

We must note: Precious Dirt does not for a minute claim to be an expert nor hold degrees in any of the fields relative to this subject matter. Again, the science is prevalent and readily available, as is the history on this topic.  We invite and encourage all who read these pages to please not simply accept or rely upon what we offer. We do our utmost to post only accurate and truthful information, but do have a bias, as we are sharing our experiences, our history, our lives.  We prefer and recommend you do your own research, homework and study of these issues. The truth is available for all who seek.  We simply ask you pursue this important information, for toxic chemical poisons are now everywhere.

We advocate for the Peace, Safety and Happiness of all who live in Oregon, as is written in our Constitution.  Including our inherent Right to Health.  This includes our Right to a Healthy Environment, Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Forests, Clean Schools, Clean Communities, and certainly our Right to Healthy Bodies.

Note: ODF reports indicate 125,000 acres of private forest are scheduled to be aerially sprayed with toxic herbicides by the timber industry in 2012 alone.

It bears repeating: the air we breathe and share has NO BOUNDARIES.

“It’s always so easy to assume that someone else is taking care of things. People say, we wouldn’t be allowed to use pesticides if they were dangerous. It just isn’t so. Trusting so-called authority is not enough. A sense of personal responsibility is what we desperately need.” — Rachel Carson “The Gentle Storm Center,” Life Magazine, Oct. 12, 1962


PBS tells our story: Majestic Forests in Oregon at Risk from Timber Industry and Chemical Spraying http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/environment/july-dec12/forests_09-12.html?print

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Mead

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“We should all be concerned about the future, because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.” ~ C. F. Kettering

* (s) —Since this site was first created in 2011 and 18 months after asking Governor Kitzhaber for a moratorium to stop the timber practices  while allowing the Triangle Lake ‘investigation’ to actually investigate how citizens ended up with timber chemicals in their urine, we are saddened to report yet another timber spray incident this time in Curry County OR, Oct 2013.  Dozens of unsuspecting citizens were exposed to a list of toxic chemicals from a helicopter spraying timber clear-cuts went amuck. Unlike the Triangle Lake investigation, on hiatus since March of 2012, this investigation tested only a few plants, to determine how an incident that left many citizens sick, some ending up in local hospitals and doctor offices, with rashes to nose bleeds and worse,  from a known a helicopter flying over their community.

Please NOTE: After three years of working within the ‘system’, what we are now calling the Box, defined by the current structure of laws and regulations enabling toxic practices to continue, while affording citizens zero rights to defend ourselves, we discovered CELDF.  The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.  See www.CELDF.org This organization is working to help communities throughout the country and within Oregon, to draft local ordinances, allowing the issues threatening local communities to go before the voters.  It is time citizens once again had the right to decide what happens in their communities vs. living with laws and regulations dictated by Salem, adversely affecting our communities.  Such as the Oregon Right to Farm and Forest Act and more recently SB 683.
In Benton and Lane Counties they are seeking the right to say NO to GMOs.
In Josephine County we are seeking the right to say NO to pesticides.
Precious Dirt will remain focused on awareness and the educational process of this issue; offering guest speakers, meetings and/or workshops to help bring understanding of the issues we face.
A new organization the Freedom from Pesticides Alliance (FPA) is leading the way in the political realm. This local group of volunteers has drafted an initiative to ban pesticide practices within Josephine County.  They are now gathering the necessary signatures to get their initiative on the November ballot. The initiative called the Freedom from Pesticides Bill of Rights finally allows citizens the right to say NO to pesticides within Josephine County.
The initiative can be found @ www.freedomfrompesticidesalliance.org/

Disclaimer: We are not doctors, nor scientists, nor toxicologists. Nor do we claim to be experts in this realm. We are simply citizens who have spent years researching, talking to scientists such as Tyrone Hayes and Sandra Steingraber, attending years of meetings with state agencies created to protect us, up to and including the Governor’s office seeking a moratorium on the timber sprays.

We are not advising anyone to trust or believe what is posted on this site. Rather we recommend everyone does their own homework and research. We do our utmost to post only accurate and legitimate studies and reporting. If we are in error we are first to ask that error be pointed out to us, via our contact page, and we will quickly correct it.

Thank you.

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